Problems with protein aggregation and stability?

Problems with protein aggregation and stability?

09 april 2014

Problems with protein aggregation and stability?

Understanding protein stability and aggregation is a major challenge within protein research and pharmaceutical development. We have the tools to shed light on this complex scientific problem.

Attension – Dynamic instruments for protein research and formulation. Attension

Attension offers tensiometers for studying protein adsorption and stability at interfaces through surface tension and interfacial dilatational rheology measurements. The Attension Theta Optical Tensiometer equipped with an Attension PD200 Module enables both simple surface tension measurements for adsorption studies and also protein stability characterization of interfacial layers making it a powerful combination that will save money and time in formulation and development. Attension also offers the Attension Sigma Force Tensiometers for surface tension and powder wetting characterization within this field.

Tensiometry in protein and pharma R&D: 
• Protein stability at interfaces
• Protein aggregation analysis
• Effect of excipients such as surfactants

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