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LINK software for your Linkam stage, Why?

Dear customer, 

We hope you are keeping safe and well during these times. We are happy to see many researchers will soon be able to return to their labs and are looking forward to increased queries regarding the use of Linkam stages with our devices. Here at Linkam and Technex we have been getting lots of enquiries about sample imaging, so we thought we would share this information with you.

Linkam’s imaging modules can provide you as our customer with additional benefits to your existing Linkam system. Offering Linkam’s range of imaging modules is a great way to get in touch with you again and provide more capabilities to your Linkam setup without the need to arrange on-site demos with a lot of equipment or logistical challenges. All that you need is an existing system with a T95 or T96 controller. 

Remote communication with you (our customers) will be a key approach to continue building relationships, and this is a great opportunity to offer a cost-effective upgrade to their existing system. These modules give you the ability to use image analysis and capture videos of your samples as you evolve with the temperature or environmental changes.
Some of the key benefits of our imaging modules are:

•    Capture images as the experiment progresses, create videos in sync with temperature and environmental parameters,        allowing you to illustrate your work with images and videos

•    Use the live video view of the sample for instant sample monitoring at a glance 

•    Export images and videos overlaid with temperature status, scale bar and other measured parameters to give accurate       descriptions of features in your samples

•    Measure morphological changes with the optional measurements module and track changes and gather more                     quantitative data than previously possible 

Screenshot of LINK showing features of the extended measurements module
Screenshot of LINK showing features of the extended measurements module
DownLoad PDF LINK Software brochure
DownLoad PDF LINK Software brochure

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