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New Binder products available at Technex

serving life science industrie

For many years Technex has been the distributor for enviromental simulation chambers from Binder GmbH. Being very succesful over the years opened up new possibilities regarding expension of the portfolio.

Binder is a well known German company with over 30 years of experience in development of laboratory ovens, incubators and climate chambers. Due to constant innovation Binder offers world class products. Within the science world Binder is a leading brand with high standards.

The good news from now on is that Technex has not only access to the industrial portfolio, Technex can serve the life science industrie as well.

Introducing the Binder CO2 incubators and Binder Ultra low freezers.

The new CB 170
The new CB 170

Co2 incubator

Every CO2 incubator from Binder Guarantees optimum reproducible growth conditions for cell cultures. The new silicone jacket heating system and perma dry technology eliminates the risk of contamination due to condensation with 180 degrees Celsius hot air sterilization. Bacteria and spores can be reliably be eliminated when necessary. The unique seamless deep drawn inner chamber, without any obstacles makes cleaning very easy. The Binder series C and CB offer many unique features that make optimal cell and tissue cultivation possible. Series C offers hot air sterilization and the series CB offers hot air sterilization and heat sterilizable CO2 sensor. Available in 168L for the C version and from 53L to 210L for the CB version.

UFV 700

Ultra-low freezer

In the laboratory world the ultra-low freezer is a well-known instrument to store samples for a longer period. Did you know that in the making industry the use of ultra-low temperature is used to test products? For example; ultro-low temperatures are being used with tests to shrink materials. Technex is now able to offer all industries the Binder UF-V 500 and UF-V 700.

The spotlight is on environmentally-friendly design in the new BINDER ultra-low temperature freezer. This applies particularly to the best energy efficiency in its class and the lack of refrigerants that are harmful to the climate. A multi-layered safety concept allows users to mix and match elements to suit any environment. With practical unit sizes appropriate, sophisticated options and practical accessories, users have everything they need for reliable long-term storage of highly sensitive samples.


Important features

Available in 477 Liter (UF-V 500) and 700L (UF-V 700)

UF-V 500: 352 cryo-boxes  50mm, what equals 28.512 cryo vials of 1-2ml
UF-V 700: 528 cryo-boxes  50mm, what equals 42.768 cryo vials of 1-2ml

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