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Surface Plasmon Resonance Summer school invitation

WHEN: June 6-11, 2019
WHERE: Tampere University, Finland
MAIN ORGANIZERS: Tampere University/MET and BioNavis Ltd CO-ORGANIZERS: University of Helsinki, Åbo Akademi CREDITS: 3 ECTS with a written report
WHAT WILL YOU LEARN: Master SPR for life sciences – from affinity and kinetic constants to conformation changes, hands-on training on a pre-selected set of molecules, SPR experiment planning, assay development, understanding of the underlying physico-chemical phenomena to resolve challenges, new applications of SPR from science and industry. You will become an independent expert in SPR.
PRE-REQUISITES: Basic laboratory skills, background in pharmaceutics, chemistry, physical chemistry or biomaterials.

LECTURERS: Prof. Richard O’Kennedy (Dublin City University/Biotechnology), Prof. Orlando Rojas (Aalto University/Bioproducts and Biosystems), Prof. Vesa Hytönen (University of Tampere/Protein Dynamics), Dr. Tapani Viitala (University of Helsinki/Biopharmaceuticals), Dr. Arnoud Marquart (Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation, Founder of, Prof. Jouko Peltonen (Åbo Akademi/Physical Chemistry), As. Prof. Stefan Spirk (Graz University of Technology/Chemistry and Technology of Materials), Prof. Thomas Schäfer (University of the Basque Country/Polymat), Dr. Hannes Orelma (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland), Adj. Prof. Janusz Sadowski (BioNavis Ltd)

Antibody-antigen as a training molecule set for all groups, and one of the following tracks based on your research interests:
1. small drug molecules
2. interaction of drugs with lipids
3. interaction of drugs with living cells,
4. interaction on biomaterial interfaces
5. biomolecular quantification
6. biosensor surface evaluation

• SPR history and theory introduced by one of the fathers of the technology
• SPR instrument configurations
• Sensor surfaces and immobilization strategies
• Measurement disturbances and artefacts (how does it show in measurements, theoretical reasoning for the effect, strategies to mitigate the effect)
• From sensogram to affinity and kinetic constants
• From measurement to conformation change
• Validation of results (ITC, AFM, TOF-SIMS)
• Application highlights from research and industry

• Academia excluding accommodation: 350 € + VAT 24%
• 700 € + VAT 24% (including accommodation* in shared double room)
• 980 € + VAT 24% (including accommodation* in a single occupancy room)
• Industry 1200 € + VAT 24% (including accommodation* single occupancy room)
REGISTRATION: on-line by April 15, 2019

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